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Particulars of Christianity:
303 Bible Cosmology

Cosmology: Introduction and Definitions

Cosmology: Introduction and Definitions
Part 1: The Old Testament - Buildings in Heaven
Bodies in Heaven: Angels and Spirit Bodies
Humans and Angels: How Similar are We?
Hell in the Old Testament
Part 2: From Christ's Death to His Return
Part 3: Christ's Return Through His Millennial Reign
Part 4: The Final Judgment and Eternity
Replaced or Restored: "Restarts" vs. the First Start
Replaced or Restored: Genesis 1 and Angels
Replaced or Restored: Precedent Reveals Restoration (Part 1)
Replaced or Restored: Precedent Reveals Restoration (Part 2)
Replaced or Restored: More on the Creation of Angels (Part 1)
Replaced or Restored: More on the Creation of Angels (Part 2)
Cosmology: Composite Chart
Cosmogony Illustrations

First, some definitions.

1.) Universe - noun. The totality of existing or created things, including the earth with all on or in it, the heavenly bodies, and all else throughout space.
2.) Cosmos - noun. An orderly harmonious systematic universe.
3.) Cosmogony - noun. The origin or creation of the world or universe; creation; a doctrine of the formation of the universe.
4.) Cosmology - noun. The general science or theory of the cosmos or material universe, its parts, elements, and laws.

In this series of articles, we will be attempting to address, clarify, and firmly establish in scripture what the structure of the universe is, including in particular the relationship of earth and heaven, as well as hell. In the modern church, many Christians throw these and other related terms around without really knowing what they properly refer to. It becomes both the cause and the effect that our understanding of such things is blurred and confused.

One such example is the way in which modern Christians treat the phrases "heaven" and "kingdom of God" as synonymous. This however is a patently erroneous usage of those terms. The kingdom of God (which IS synonymous with the kingdom of heaven) is actually a reference to the coming of Christ on earth from Jerusalem during the 1000 years following the Great Tribulation. On the other hand, as we will discuss in depth in this article, the term "heaven" refers to the place in which angels reside and in which the throne of God currently resides.

Largely a discussion of these issues comes down to a discussion of where certain beings are: where living humans are, where righteous dead humans are, where wicked dead humans are, where righteous angels are, where some wicked angels are imprisoned, and where God (and God's throne are).

The location of these individual groups does change over time from the Old Testament to the Great White Throne Judgment. For simplicity, we will be dividing these issues into four historical sections: 1) the Old Testament prior to the first advent of Christ Jesus, 2) after the first advent of Christ Jesus, 3) after the second advent (return) of Christ Jesus for the duration of his 1000 year reign on earth, and finally, 4) after the Great White Throne Judgment described in Revelation 20 and on into the rest of eternity.

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